1. Object123 – Let’s Start Here do you agree?

Object123 is the first of the three steps in the Civility123 toolkit for resolving a dispute that originates from incivility or misbehavior during a conversation, discussion, or negotiation.
When we disagree during these times we can tend to get defensive and be prone to become less civil in our behavior. We believe that by identifying and objecting to any incivility, in real-time during disagreements we can nip in the bud any potential for long term disputes.
There is no need to learn how to behave you simply need to speak up when you have taken offence to what was said or done by the other person.
Object123 consists of:

  1. Caution and receive an simple acknowledgment or escalate to:
  2. Object and receive an simple apology or escalate to:
  3. Stop and receive an acceptable apology or inform them you are going to STEP 2.

If you cannot get an acceptable resolution to the issue causing the offense and dispute (not the actual disagreement), then you can escalate it to step 2 of Civility123, which is posting our dispute on the Disputz review network.

2. Dizputz – Review Network (coming soon)

We are frantically working on Disputz, our dispute review network which allows startup members to post their disputes (beginning with Object123) and get them reviewed by their peers, within the organization, rather than HR or management. That is because disputes can be between managers and employees and this can cause a conflict of interest and power imbalance.
We believe the feedback from our peers will be invaluable for helping us resolve our conflicts and disputes in our startup organizations. By having an open and transparent process for resolving our disputes nips-in-the-bud workplace gossiping, backbiting and infighting. If we still fail to resolve our dispute satisfactorily we can use the third step of Civility123 which is our video adjudication platform, Civility Live.

Demo of Disputz.com our dispute review network

3. Civility Live – Live Video Hearing with up to 8 seats

So you are still having trouble resolving your dispute with your colleague over some misbehavior or incivility? And you have already gone through the first step of the 1.Object123 process and posted on the 2. Disputz network for review? Never fear it is time to use 3. Civility Live, our third and final tool to help resolve your dispute.

Civility Live allows you and the accused perpetrator to invite up to 3 peers each from your organization to join a video call where you both can give your side of the story and allow your peers adjudicate on the dispute and if need be vote on it. They then would recommendation to management.