Let’s Agree to Object

We can’t PREVENT incivility or misbehavior in a startup; it is a given. On occasion, it WILL happen between co-founders, investors, first-hires or team members, especially when we are making pivotal decisions and are not in agreement. When our ideas are threatened, we can become defensive, resulting in angry or uncivil behavior. However, we can agree on a framework to hold each other to account—using the clarity of objecting (Objective) rather than being Aggressive or Submissive.

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Are you a startup accelerator?

Civility123 is FREE for all startups and startup accelerators to use. We think our toolkit is ideal for teams that have just formed to start on the right footing especially when so many new and challenging discussions and decisions are are going to be be made

Are you a startup?

Initially we are targeting startups in accelerators, and we are hoping you will come along for the ride and help us improve our toolkit. By offering your co-founders and team members the clarity and surety for how we should tackle misbehavior, we believe civility will be maintained.

More about the Civility123 toolkit.

An agreed procedure that holds us account when we are uncivil

“You can analyse the past, but you need to design the future.”

Edward de Bono